Highfield has been busy renovating one of their historical buildings once known as The Cow Palace.  The farm was originally a cattle farm and this particular building was where they held the bull auctions.   Highfield decided to keep the name The Cow Palace more out of habit than anything and to hang on to the great history.

The Cow Palace has been turned in to an office with a kitchen and guest house.  The beautiful rustic and farmhouse decor was designed with the help of manager Jennifer Buck.

The building not only consists of an office and kitchen, it has 2 guest suites and an apartment which includes a large TV room.  The skillfully mix of old wood and iron, traditional and modern items create a cozy farmhouse style that is a reflection of the farm.  Highfield is beautiful and we wanted to bring the outside in to reflect that said Buck.

The kitchen table, old doors, window framed mirrors, desks and vanities are all made out of 100 year old reclaimed barn wood taken from a property owned by Highfield Investment Group Inc.