We had a few dark hours when we posted a request for a nurse mare on the weekend, but we are so happy to share the silver lining to that heartbreaking post.
We had a mare foal last week, but sadly she colicked on the weekend.
Jenn and the team at the farm moved her and the colt to Moore Equine, but despite all of their efforts she could not be saved. Her colt was very upset, and we needed to find him a new mama. Thanks to the incredible response from the horse community, our plea for a nurse mare was shared far and wide and within hours we had an offer of the perfect mare.
Prima is an imported hunter mare, and she belongs to breeders Sybil and Oona Palmer. Sybil contacted us and told us about Prima, who has been a companion to her yearlings this spring.
Prima is the most loving, kind, wonderful mama. Prima arrived at Moore Equine and immediately knickered at the orphaned colt. He took one brief look at her, moved to her side and he hasn’t left it since! Her maternal instincts kicked in and she’s producing milk and is the best nurse mare we could imagine.
They have bonded completely and Prima will spend the summer at the farm as our surrogate.
We want to thank Sybil and Oona for allowing us to borrow Prima. We’ve had some laughter through tears seeing them in their paddock together. Blessed are the surrogate broodmares.